Once our Mechanical & Electrical Design Package is finalized, MPSA’s production teams kicks into action:

Our project manager plays a key role to assure that all components not in stock at Airline (MPSA’s parent company) are ordered from the manufacturer and ready to be integrated into the machine safeguarding solution.

Because of Airline’s access to best-in-class products from leading manufacturers, such as Schmersal, Omron/STI, Eaton, ABB/Jokab, and others, MPSA specifies machine safety components that are best suited for each individual application.

Guarding is either pre-assembled in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities, or is staged for on-site installation.

The project manager will also compile a recommended spare parts list along with a spare parts ID drawing.

Below are additional details about the types of components generally used in our fabricated safety solutions.

Durable and tamper-resistant barrier guarding

Perimeter fencing or machine enclosures

Perimeter fencing and machine enclosures are often used in conjunction with safety switches, interlocking devices, and door-handle actuators to prevent access to hazards while the machine is in an energized state. A variety of panel materials are available, the most popular being wire mesh and polycarbonate. 

Fixed guarding is designed to physically prevent users from reaching Around, Under, Through, or Over (A-U-T-O) the guarding to be exposed to the hazard during machine operation. The mechanical portion of the design package will specify the best type of guarding for the application.

MPSA offers a choice of safety guarding materials:

Welded steel guarding
  • Simple design installs quickly
  • Stable and durable
  • Steel mesh fence is completely welded to the steel frame
  • Quick-connect assembly system
  • Meets important safety standards requiring a non-common tool for disassembly
  • Available with hinged or sliding doors
  • Easily integrates with safety controls, light curtains, or other safety components
Anodized aluminum framing
  • Can be custom designed to fit around the unique shapes of a machine or area
  • Easily integrates with conveyors, ergonomic workstations, and custom machinery
  • Clean lines and aluminum surface offer an attractive, modern appearance
  • Easy to relocate or reconfigure if used as perimeter fencing
Stainless steel guarding
  • Meets Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and cleaning requirements
  • Ideal for food and beverage applications

Machine tool guarding for drill presses, milling machines, and lathes

  • Rigid frames with LexanTM shields let in ample light and do not obstruct view of part.
  • Drill press guard that mounts directly to the drill press.
  • Milling machine guards can mount directly or be free-standing.
  • Lathe guards use linear rails and rollers to allow the guard to easily slide over the gear case when changing tooling.
  • When a guard is open, an optional safety interlock switch instantly cuts power to the machine.
Safety Projects

Presence-sensing devices

Presence-sensing devices include safety light curtains, safety laser scanners, safety contact strips, bumpers and safety mats.


  • Safety light curtains and safety scanners are designed to automatically stop the machine if a light beam is breached.
  • Tactile safety monitoring devices such as safety mats, edges, and bumpers stop the hazardous movement of machinery when the devices are actuated by physical contact.

Integrated Safety Controls

MPSA has decades of experience designing and building machine safety systems with a variety of types of integrated controls, including safety interlock switches, programmable safety controllers and monitoring relays, reliable operator controls, pneumatic safety valves, hydraulic block and vent valve assemblies, and more.

Wrapper Control

Provide a compliant and safe working environment.

Take the first step. Ask MPSA to identify your machine safety and compliance issues. We can do the rest. 

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