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Uncover Hidden Hazards with MPSA's Machine Safety Surveys

Entry-Level of Safety Analysis

Ensuring the safety of your workplace machinery is crucial, but a full risk assessment can be time-consuming and costly. Enter MPSA’s Machine Safety Surveys—a simplified, cost-effective solution to identify equipment hazards and determine if a full risk assessment is necessary.


What Our Safety Surveys Offer

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Capture Your Core Machine Safety Gaps at a Fraction of the Time and Price

MPSA’s Machine Safety Survey is designed to uncover both visible and hidden equipment hazards efficiently. It provides a quick overview of your machinery’s safety status and helps you decide if further investment in a comprehensive risk assessment is warranted, potentially saving thousands of dollars for necessary solutions.

Key Features of the Machine Safety Survey:

  • Time-Efficient Analysis: Takes approximately one hour per machine.
  • Minimal Disruption: Requires minimal coordination and does not interfere significantly with operations.
  • Comprehensive Standards Compliance: Aligns with OSHA, ANSI, and other industry standards.
  • Prioritization and Budgeting: Uses a numerical scoring system to prioritize safety improvements and provides budget estimates.
  • Certified Expertise: Like the Machine Safety Risk Assessment, the Safety Survey is conducted by certified Machine Safety Experts (CMSE), Licensed Machine Safety Specialists (LMSS), or certified TÜV Functional Safety Engineers.

How Does It Work?

The Safety Survey questionnaire has over sixty specific questions and decision points closely aligned with OSHA, ANSI & other industry-recognized consensus standards. The questions are designed to assess in detail the safety and compliance of machinery during set-up, adjustments, normal operations, cleaning and repairs. The survey evaluates mechanical guarding, safety control devices and the zero-energy isolation devices used for applying lockout/tagout (LOTO) devices.

The survey is divided into these six sections:

  • Equipment & Machinery Overview
  • Energy Isolation Devices
  • Mechanical Guarding
  • Safeguarding Devices (Guard interlocks, presence-sensing devices, etc.)
  • Electrical & Controls (Safety circuits, wiring components, and signaling)
  • Operational/Maintenance Procedures & Documentation
Safety Survey

Red – High Priority Risk

Yellow – Medium Risk

Green – Very Low or No Immediate Risk.

Why Choose Machine Safety Surveys

Traditional Risk Assessments often consume time and resources you might not be able to allocate. The Safety Survey is the most cost-effective approach that provides a detailed safety status overview of your machinery in just one hour per unit, saving you both time and money.

  • Quick Hazard Identification: Get a rapid overview of safety status.
  • Cost-Effective: Save time and money compared to comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Prioritized Safety Improvements: Focus on critical areas first with a numerical scoring system.
  • Detailed Recommendations: Receive actionable insights and budget planning assistance.
  • Minimal Operational Disruption: Only requires about an hour per machine.
  • Decision-Making Aid: Helps determine if a full risk assessment is necessary.

Essential Deliverables to Kickstart Your Machine Safety Journey

After completing the Safety Survey, you will receive:

Machine Safety Survey Results Report

The safety survey findings presented in an Excel file. Rates the level of severity of the safety gap and indicates when a more detailed machine safety risk assessment is warranted


Recommendation Report

You will receive industry-accepted safety recommendations to eliminate or reduce the mechanical hazards that have been identified. Learn more.

Budget Estimate for Solutions

Budgetary cost estimates for proposed safety solutions (+/—25%).

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Comparison Table for MPSA's Hazard Assessments

Unsure what hazard assessment suits your needs?

This guide will help you compare and contrast MPSA's three machine hazard assessment options.


Safety Surveys
Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments with Detailed Scope
Level of Analysis Overview In-Depth In-Depth
Time Required 1 hour/machine 1 day/machine 1 day/machine
Operational Disruption Minimal Moderate Moderate
Compliance Standards OSHA, ANSI OSHA, ANSI, ISO-12100, ANSI B11.0, RIA TR 15 OSHA, ANSI, ISO-12100, ANSI B11.0, RIA TR 15
Deliverables Survey Results Report, Recommendation Report, Budget Estimate Risk Assessment Results Report, Recommendation Report, Budget Estimate Risk Assessment Results Report, Recommendation Report, Visual Aids, Conceptual Layouts, Safety Control Scope, Fixed Price Proposal


Conducted by Certified Machine Safety Experts (CMSE), Licensed Machine Safety Specialists (LMSS), or Certified TÜV Functional Safety Engineers

Risk Prioritization Numerical scoring system to prioritize improvements Risk prioritization matrix Risk prioritization matrix
Cost Efficiency High Moderate Moderate


The level of participation required from the client's personnel

Basic input from machine operators Detailed input from operators, mechanics, cleaners, EHS teams & other stakeholders Detailed input from operators, mechanics, cleaners, EHS teams & other stakeholders

Documentation Preparation

The level of documentation required from the client on their machines/processes

Limited Detailed Detailed



Discover the MPSA Advantage


With any of MPSA's Machine Safety Hazard Assessments, you gain more than just an evaluation. You gain a partner dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your machine safety management. Experience the MPSA advantage today and ensure your facility meets the highest safety standards.

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More Hazard Assessments from MPSA

MPSA offers three types scalable to your needs:

Safety Surveys

Quickly & cost-effectively identify machine safety risks & which machines are most hazardous

Risk Assessment

Comprehensive, detailed, and conforms with the ISO-12100, ANSI B11.0, and RIA TR 15 risk assessment requirements

Risk Assessment & Detailed Scope

MPSA’s Machine Safety Survey is the simplest and most cost-effective way to identify hazards.

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