MPSA’s Machine Safety Survey is used to identify visible and hidden equipment hazards, and determine if the investment in a full a risk assessment is warranted, potentially saving thousands of dollars which could be applied toward implementing the proper solutions.

The safety survey takes approximately one hour per machine to complete. It uncovers and clearly notes equipment shortcomings, and flags equipment requiring immediate action using a numerical value to create a three-tier identification system.

Red – High Priority Risk

Yellow – Medium Risk

Green – Very Low or No Immediate Risk.

Safety Survey

The questionnaire has over sixty specific questions and decision points closely aligned with OSHA, ANSI & other industry-recognized consensus standards. The questions are designed to assess in detail the safety and compliance of machinery during set-up, adjustments, normal operations, cleaning and repairs. The survey evaluates mechanical guarding, safety control devices and the zero-energy isolation devices used for applying lockout/tagout (LOTO) devices.

The survey is divided into these six sections:

  • Equipment & Machinery Overview
  • Energy Isolation Devices
  • Mechanical Guarding
  • Safeguarding Devices (Guard interlocks, presence-sensing devices, etc.)
  • Electrical & Controls (Safety circuits, wiring components, and signaling)
  • Operational/Maintenance Procedures & Documentation

Provide a compliant and safe working environment.

Take the first step. Ask MPSA to identify your machine safety and compliance issues. We can do the rest. 

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