As materials for an MPSA machine safeguarding project are ordered, manufactured, tested, and staged for shipment, the project manager is busy making preparations for installation.

MPSA employs experienced site managers who oversee the installation and ensure that there will be minimal to no disruption to the customer’s production activities. The site manager will lead MPSA’s team of experienced mechanical and electrical installers or, upon request, will also work with the customer’s preferred local installers.


MPSA excels in the management of large-scale projects, often involving multiple production lines in a number of different facilities. The project manager will work with the customer to finalize the installation, integration and validation plan well in advance of the start of installation activities.


To prepare the customer’s personnel for the new safeguarding solution, MPSA will provide an operation manual, parts manual, spare parts list, on-site review of operation, and will schedule formal training in advance of installation. A video overview of the machine safeguarding system can also be provided upon request.

Once installation has begun, the project manager works closely with the site manager to ensure the project is on schedule and all expectations are being met. Weekly updates are communicated to the customer until the project has been completely installed and is ready for validation.


Provide a compliant and safe working environment.

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