Comprehensive Machine Safety Solutions with MPSA's Risk Assessment with Detailed Scope 

Highest Level of Analysis & Deliverables

MPSA's comprehensive Machine Risk Assessment with Detailed Scope service is designed with you in mind, building on standard risk assessments to include detailed engineered drawings, layouts, control schematics, and any necessary reverse-engineered solutions. With our fixed-price quote, you get everything you need to implement safe and compliant machine safety solutions effortlessly, ensuring a safer work environment for your team from the start. Let us help you hit the ground running with getting the peace of mind that your systems are safe and compliant.


What Our Detailed Scope Offers


In-Depth Deliverables for Straight-Forward Execution

Building on our standard risk assessment, the detailed scope risk assessment ensures you receive comprehensive documentation and exact pricing, ready for immediate action:

  • Safety Control Scope: Includes any reverse-engineering needs.
  • Detailed Documentation and Layouts tailored to your machinery.
  • Fixed-Price Quotation with no surprises, allowing you to plan and budget accurately.

This top-tier offering ensures your machinery meets industry consensus standards and you are ready to sign-off on planned solutions with confidence.

After completing the risk assessment, you will receive the following:

Risk Assessment Results Report

The detailed machine safety assessment findings are presented in an Excel file


Recommendation Report

You will receive industry-accepted safety recommendations to eliminate or reduce the mechanical hazards that have been identified. Learn more.

Visual Aids

Corrective measures illustrated with edited photos and layout drawings in a Word document. Machine operators can view visual aids for an easier understanding of potential hazards and the necessary steps to prevent them.


Conceptual Layouts

Plan-view conceptual mechanical layout drawings in PDF format. The drawings graphically depict safety improvements and serve as a functional guide for maintenance and safety personnel to understand the proposed safety features.


Safety Control Scope

A detailed safety-control scope presented in a Word document. This document provides a conceptual overview of machine safety control recommendations and requirements, including any control diagrams and reverse-engineered or investigative controls work.


Fixed Price Proposal

Comprehensive turnkey solutions, including final engineering, schematics, drawings, fabrication, installation, and an ISO 13849 validation report, presented in a Word document. This proposal offers all-inclusive pricing for implementing the necessary safety solutions and includes a prioritized timeline for project completion.

safety risk assessment

About the Risk Assessment: Offering Comprehensive Safety Analysis

Our certified safety consultants perform comprehensive machine risk assessments, thoroughly evaluating hazards, their severity, exposure, and likelihood. They cover all aspects of our Machine Risk Assessment service, ensuring a meticulous and detailed analysis.

A certified safety consultant conducts a thorough safety risk assessment to evaluate hazards, considering their severity, exposure, and probability. Using facility input, MPSA rates the frequency, severity, and avoidability of each risk. A decision tree then determines the absolute risk of the machine (per ANSI-B11) or each safety function (per ISO 13849).


The consultant identifies hazard points under all potential machine use conditions and assesses the probability of injury, severity, and worker exposure. They communicate safety risk findings throughout the process and collaborate to prioritize solutions for the most critical safety risks.

MPSA's Risk Assessment Will:

  • Identify Points of Hazard during all potential conditions of machine use.
  • Evaluate the Probability of Injury, Severity Level, and the actual or potential exposure of all workers.
  • Communicate Safety Risk Findings throughout the entire process.
  • Prioritize Solutions for the most severe safety risks.

Risk Prioritization Matrix

By estimating the length of exposure to the hazard and assessing the worst injury possible, the risk prioritization matrix can be used to determine the level of threat from each hazard that has been identified. Prioritizing hazards can prepare you to correct the most dangerous situations first and make plans to correct lower-ranking hazards in the future.

Rigorous and Detailed Evaluation

The Machine Safety Risk Assement (with detailed scope) evaluates:

  • In-Depth Evaluation covering approximately one day per machine, including all routine tasks such as operation, setup, adjustments, retooling, and maintenance.


  • Rigorous Compliance conforming to ISO-12100, ANSI B11.0, and RIA TR 15 risk assessment standards, meeting OSHA requirements. 


  • Inclusive Engagement involving all impacted parties including machine operators, mechanics, cleaners, facility automation/instrumentation, and EHS teams.


  • Document & Training Assessment where we will review and evaluate all equipment usage documentation, including equipment and training manuals and maintenance logs. We will also examine the process used to determine operator training, outlining evaluations. 
  • Control Reliability Assessment to identify the non-mechanical hazards that affect the control reliability of the machine. Control reliability and non-mechanical risks pertain to the electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components and circuits and their operations

  • Procedural Assessment, where we'll review and evaluate the methods and procedures used in the processing, use, handling, or storage of materials, tools, and substances used in your application.


Comparison Table for MPSA's Hazard Assessments

Unsure what hazard assessment suits your needs?

This guide will help you compare and contrast MPSA's three machine hazard assessment options.


Safety Surveys
Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments with Detailed Scope
Level of Analysis Overview In-Depth In-Depth
Time Required 1 hour/machine 1 day/machine 1 day/machine
Operational Disruption Minimal Moderate Moderate
Compliance Standards OSHA, ANSI OSHA, ANSI, ISO-12100, ANSI B11.0, RIA TR 15 OSHA, ANSI, ISO-12100, ANSI B11.0, RIA TR 15
Deliverables Survey Results Report, Recommendation Report, Budget Estimate Risk Assessment Results Report, Recommendation Report, Budget Estimate Risk Assessment Results Report, Recommendation Report, Visual Aids, Conceptual Layouts, Safety Control Scope, Fixed Price Proposal


Conducted by Certified Machine Safety Experts (CMSE), Licensed Machine Safety Specialists (LMSS), or Certified TÜV Functional Safety Engineers

Risk Prioritization Numerical scoring system to prioritize improvements Risk prioritization matrix Risk prioritization matrix
Cost Efficiency High Moderate Moderate


The level of participation required from the client's personnel

Basic input from machine operators Detailed input from operators, mechanics, cleaners, EHS teams & other stakeholders Detailed input from operators, mechanics, cleaners, EHS teams & other stakeholders

Documentation Preparation

The level of documentation required from the client on their machines/processes

Limited Detailed Detailed



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