After conducting a Risk Assessment or Safety Survey, we provide a Recommendation Report which lists suitable measures to address each action item uncovered. This report provides a prioritized and detailed outline of any safety or compliance gaps, including recommendations with mechanical and electrical details. 

The Recommendation Report also includes cost estimates (+/- 15%) to help streamline your internal budget approval process. (A fixed price is issued after the project is thoroughly detailed during Phase 1 Engineering).


For each suggested solution, the report includes:


  • Detailed descriptions of the solution (along with a consultation to thoroughly explain the suggestions)
  • The estimated cost of mechanical engineering, guarding and fabrication
  • The estimated cost of electrical engineering and materials
  • The estimated installation time
  • The estimated labor cost
  • The total estimate for the solution
  • The initial survey score (which helps with prioritization)

The total estimates provided in the Recommendation Report covers the entire MPSA Solution, including:

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