Machine Shop Safety


Our machine-tool guarding solutions include drill-press guards, lathe chuck covers, lathe guards, milling machine guards, grinding wheel guards and more.

Lathe Guarding

Sliding Lathe Guard
  • New design uses linear rails and ball-bearing rollers to allow the guard to easily slide to the left over the gear case when changing tooling or part.
  • Mounts to either the backsplash or on free-standing 40x80mm aluminum frame which can be anchored to the floor.
  • Rigid construction – frame is 40mm (1-9/16″) aluminum industrial extrusion.
  • Large lexan panels let in ample light and do not obstruct view of part.
  • Durable safety orange or yellow powder coat.
Hinged Lathe Guard
  • The best solution for smaller lathes and non-production lathe machines.
  • Mounts to the floor behind the lathe, supported to backsplash or machine.
  • Gas struts on each side assist the upward travel which is well above the operator’s head.
Gear Case Mounted Sliding Guard
  • Easily mounts to gear case of a machine with four longer bolts.
  • Guard travels on same linear rails with ball-bearing rollers, providing smooth motion.
  • All sliding lathe guards are available with or without an interlocking switch.

Lathe Chuck Covers

Adjustable Chuck Cover
  • 18″ min. to 24″max. length x 7 1/2″ wide.
  • Utilizes a pneumatic cylinder for support.
  • Powder coated safety orange finish (Safety yellow available – special order).
Non-Adjustable Chuck Cover
  • Available in two sizes: 5″ wide x 16″ long or 12″ wide x 25″ long.

Drill Press Guards

  • Guard mounts to the post/column of drill press.
  • Two adjustable arms with easy release locks position the Lexan shield.
  • Guard swings to the left 180° to open.
  • When the guard is open, the optional coded-magnet safety interlock switch interrupts power to the machine, disabling it.
  • Powder-coated safety orange finish.

Milling Machine Guards

Ram Mount Style Safety Guard Shield
  • Two mounting options:
    • One mounts to the quill speed plate on Bridgeport Series I + II Mills.
    • The other available option is a free-standing aluminum extrusion post. The latter allows for more inward and outward adjustment and guard stays horizontal when tilting head. This option will work better if head is usually tilted.
  • Two adjustable arms with easy release locks position the lexan shield.
  • Guard swings to the left 180° to allow easy tool changing.
  • When guard is opened, the optional coded magnet safety interlock switch instantly cuts power and an optional air actuated cylinder applies the mill spindle brake to stop the rotating spindle.
  • Replaceable Lexan viewing panel available with sides or with no sides and turned-in lip. The latter works better if indexer is used frequently on table.
  • Custom mounting options available for other types of milling and jig bore machines.
  • Powder-coated safety orange finish.

More MPSA Projects

Select a category below:

Machine Guarding

  • Enclosures
  • Fixed guarding

Integrated Controls

  • Electrical engineering
  • Safety controllers
  • Customized control panels

Machine Shop Safety

  • Lathe guarding
  • Lathe chuck covers
  • Drill press guards
  • Milling machine guards

Lab Safety

  • Contamination & exposure enclosures
  • Lab production guarding
  • Sound abatement enclosures

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Contact an Expert

Ask an in-depth question or start a discussion with one of our MPSA experts.

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