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What is a FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)?

Olivia Lynch
Posted by Olivia Lynch on Dec 1, 2022 2:35:16 PM

fittosize__752_0_5fd4dd04819887f7813549ed3328bf5f_g_training_structure_icon_expert_3c_2018_04_1000x562-mobile-1661321010The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has general requirements for machinery and machine guarding, which requires any machine part, function, or process which may cause injury must be safeguarded (29CFR1910.212).

Yet, machine safety requirements and legislation have changed dramatically over the decade due to the increasing use of automation, causing a need for intelligent machine safety strategies. With machinery design, service, and maintenance ever-changing to meet these requirements, companies must ensure their relevant personnel has the knowledge required to make informed decisions on machinery safety. Therefore, choosing a machine safety provider with an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) on staff is priceless.

What is a FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)? Today's blog will review what an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) is, the certificate's benefits, and interview one of MPSA's own, Ryan Hayworth (TÜV Rheinland #16027/16, Machinery).

What is an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)? 


 FS Engineers (TÜV Rheinland) are functional safety (FS) experts who completed the requirements set by TÜV Rheinland and are awarded a globally recognized certificate for FS for the specified topic within the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Program. The FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificate confirms the engineer participated continuously in all training of the TÜV Rheinland FS Program concerning their specified topic and has successfully passed the final exam of training. FS Engineers (TÜV Rheinland) have high-level expert knowledge, worked for many years as project managers, and know knowledgeable trainers in the FS field. Additionally, these engineers often proactively participate in relevant standards committees, organizations, and associations. Furthermore, they share their knowledge at trade shows and conferences and facilitate the correct philosophy of FS globally.


Who should become an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)?

Not everyone can become an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland). FS Engineers (TÜV Rheinland) certification is for professionals more involved in the early lifecycle phases of FS management. The training courses and exams overseen by TÜV are complex are geared toward process engineers, safety engineers, instrument engineers, and operations personnel who maintain their processes' integrity. Just remember, becoming an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) is a laborious process, and the final exam is extremely difficult.


How do you become an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)?  

Participating engineers must attend two full weeks of training, fulfill the defined requirements by studying the five safety (ISO and EN) standards, and pass the exam, which takes place at the end of the second week of training. The exam is highly challenging, and it’ll not be easy to pass if you aren’t passionate about your topic. The average exam score is a 70%. At the same time, you need 70% to pass, so many people fail the first time they take the exam. The exam is a German model test consisting of 70 multiple-choice, short-answer, and calculation questions. Before taking the exam, you’ll need time to prepare and study. Engineers may need months or even years to prepare for the exam. Again, this is a laborious process, and only 297 FS Engineers (TÜV Rheinland, Machinery) are in the United States. That's why choosing a machine safety provider with an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certification is essential because they provide quality assurance, reliability, and compliance, giving customers a competitive edge in the marketplace.


search tuvSee MPSA's FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland), Ryan Hayworth (TÜV Rheinland #16027/16, Machinery), as a certificate holder for the topic of machinery 


What are the benefits of choosing a machine safety provider with an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) on staff? 

Choosing a machine safety provider with an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certification satisfies health and safety requirements with an extra level of compliance and assurance and ensures customers can be confident their goals are met. In addition, in recent years, the FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificate has gained global recognition in many industries. As a result, customers should choose machine safety providers with proof of an FS Engineer certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland. 


 MPSA social media cover - turnkeyMPSA provides turnkey machine safety and guarding solutions custom-built for your organization. Our assembly technicians manufacture the machine guard in our ISO 9001-certified facilities. Once the solution is installed, MPSA will monitor and validate the system to control the risk.

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Let's interview Ryan Hayworth, MPSA Electrical Safety Controls Engineer and FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland).

ryan h


Name: Ryan Hayworth

Job Title: Electrical Safety Controls Engineer,

(TÜV Rheinland #16027/16, Machinery)





How long have you been working at MPSA?

"Since September of 2022." 

How many years of experience do you have as an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)?

“I’ve been certified since 2016, so six years as an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland). But overall, I have 13 years of machine safety experience and 17 years of experience in automation and controls.”

What drew you to machine safety and FS?

“When I started working for Nestle, they wanted to push the importance of machine safety and meet new international standards. This involved me working on more machine safety projects, and at first, I thought to myself, 'all this machine safety is overkill.' Still, over time I learned more and became passionate about machine safety solutions, mostly because my lack of experience was getting in my own way. Whenever I had a machine safety question, there wasn’t anyone to ask, so I worked with Nestle and chose to pursue my FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland). Looking back, I definitely chose the most stringent program offered by TÜV, but that strictness continues to give me a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

What is the best part about being an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) at MPSA?

“MPSA works with clients in all industries, and having my certification opens many new doors for us. Having the FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) offers MPSA, and me, access to a worldwide network and even more data of knowledge and technology. Also, the certification is incredibly unique. There are only 297 FS Engineers (TÜV Rheinland) in the United States and 1364 globally. So having the certificate gives MPSA and I a competitive edge, allowing us to move through the turnkey machine safety process with integrity and assurance we have the expertise to get the job done correctly.”


Choosing a machine safety provider with an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificate satisfies health and safety requirements with an extra level of compliance and assurance and ensures customers can be confident their goals are met. MPSA’s experts design, build and validate turnkey machine safety solutions for many industries and have their TÜV certification. 

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