We will test the new machine guarding & safety control system to verify all risks are eliminated or controlled.

Once the safeguarding solution has been installed, and prior to releasing the equipment for production, MPSA conducts a systematic validation procedure to confirm that the safety system conforms to the defined design scope and that the risk is controlled.
A validation report will be generated to acknowledge that the required safety function is in conformance with ISO 13849 and meets all other relevant requirements. It is performed independently by a safety engineer who was not responsible for the design of the safety system.

The validation process can include the following:

  • A functional test of all safety components, including interlocks, safety light curtains, emergency stops, pilot devices, etc.
  • Introduction of faults to test dual-channel input circuits
  • Interruption of motors, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, etc.
  • Faults in the output circuits by simulated conditions
  • Proper function and notification of bypass, safe speed and standstill monitoring
Following delivery of the completed validation report, the project manager will schedule a post-project review with the customer to discuss the level of success of the project and identify areas of continuous improvement. You will receive a complete documentation package to help manage your change control requirements for Management of Change (MOC).

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