Engineering & Design

Our engineering group designs and generates CAD drawings for the machine guards and safety control systems.

MPSA offers custom-engineered machine guarding solutions to remedy the safety deficiencies identified by the on-site safety survey or risk assessment. The engineering portion of the project occurs in two phases: Preliminary Engineering and Final Engineering. Below is an outline of the activities relating to these two phases.

Phase 1: Preliminary Engineering

MPSA will begin Phase 1 by formally designating a project team that will include, among others, the safety specialist who conducted the initial safety survey, a project manager, and a controls engineer. After we gather and analyze your information, we will generate the Phase 1 Engineering Package.

We’ll visit your site to gather key information, including: 

  • Field sketches of the physical guarding solution
  • Critical dimensions of equipment to be guarded
  • Exact locations of hazards/nip points
  • Machine stop-time test results for various operational conditions
  • Minimum safe-distance calculations to determine location of physical guarding or presence-sensing devices
  • Verification that customer-provided electrical schematics match actual findings reviewed in machine electrical enclosures
  • Identification of all operator and maintenance tasks which may affect the controls architecture
  • Machine E-stop and controlled stop conditions
  • A basic safety system flow diagram to show the specific purposes of various devices

The Phase 1 Engineering Package:

Project Estimate Sheet and Bill of Materials (BOM)

This documentation covers all known aspects of the project.

Mechanical Design Package

Includes a plan view, elevation views and specified section views showing the customer’s equipment and MPSA’s proposed solution.

Safety System Electrical Findings & Controls Scope Statement

This explains aspects of the existing controls found on the equipment and the MPSA proposed controls solution scope.

Following the delivery of the Phase 1 Engineering Package, members of the MPSA project team will collaborate with your stakeholders and discuss any required changes. After these discussions, MPSA will acquire final design confirmation and provide a quote for scope change orders. By the end of this step, we will reach a fixed price for your solution(s) and obtain final approval and your purchase order. Phase 2 Engineering then begins.

Phase 2: Final Engineering

During Phase 2 Engineering, MPSA applies any changes made to the Phase 1 Engineering Package. If presence sensing devices are part of the solution, stop-time measurement will be performed. By the end of this phase, you will receive your Phase 2 Engineering Package, now ready to be released to production.

Stop Time Measurement

We use a computer-based anaylzer to accurately measure and record the stop time of your machine. This determines the proper distance to locate a presence sensing device from the hazard point and is crtical for meeting applicable safety standards.


The Phase 2 Engineering Package:


Finalized Project Outline and Bill of Materials

This documentation covers all aspects of the project.

Finalized Mechanical Design Package

Includes a plan view, elevation views and specified section views showing the customer’s equipment and MPSA’s proposed solution.

Finalized Safety System Electrical Findings & Controls Scope Statement

Finalized design documents of MPSA’s proposed controls solution scope.

Once this package is approved, the Mechanical & Electrical Design Package shall be released to MPSA’s production teams.

Provide a compliant and safe working environment.

Take the first step. Ask MPSA to identify your machine safety and compliance issues. We can do the rest. 

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