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As a division of Airline Hydraulics Corp., we can provide top-quality machine safety components and devices.
MPSA is a division of Airline Hydraulics Corp., a leading provider of innovative technical solutions for our customers across all industries. Airline offers components, engineered systems and services in the technology areas of fluid power, automation & control, structural systems, and machine safeguarding.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Airline is committed to supplying quality parts, services, and equipment repairs to optimize productivity and safety.

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Bosch Rexroth is the world leader in the drive, motion and control technologies that power today’s most advanced manufacturing systems.

Airline carries their full product line in these technology areas: Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Aluminum Structural Framing, Linear Motion Technologies and Electric Drives and Controls.

Aluminum Structural Framing
Save time and money building complex guarding, machine frames, workstations and more. This high-quality structural framing is as durable as steel but much easier to assemble.

There’s no welding, painting or waiting. It goes together fast and can easily be modified for reuse if your requirements change.

We carry all Bosch Rexroth accessories and hardware such as connectors, gussets, caps, door handles, fasteners and cover strips to manufacture your physical guards.
EcoSafe Systems
EcoSafe™ is a wide range of machine and perimeter guarding options for creating enclosures, guards, and barriers. EcoSafe™ panels assemble and install easily from standard components.

Partitions can be constructed of wire mesh screens, protective panes or panels, and then mounted directly into T-slot profiles integrated into the system.

Omron Automation & Safety is a leading manufacturer of advanced industrial automation products, with core competencies in sensing, control, vision and panel components. In 2006, Omron welcomed Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI) a major manufacturer of machine safeguarding products, to their organization. By combining Omron’s advanced sensing, control, and networking technologies with STI’s comprehensive line of safety controls and components, Omron Automation & Safety helps customers create safer workplaces for their employees.

Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains solve your optical guarding needs. From compact models designed for machine locations where space is tight, to larger, robust light curtains powerful enough to guard large perimeters, Omron STI offers many options:
• Multiple built-in functionalities
• Floating; Blanking; Muting
• Individual Beam indicators
• Short to long spans

Safety Laser Scanners
World’s most: compact size (104.5 mm height), power efficient (5 W) and light weight (1.3 kg)
• Range: up to 3 m for safety zone and 10 m for warning zones
• 70 sets of safety zone and warning zone combinations
• Configuration memory block, no need to reprogram after sensor replacement, minimal down time
• Easy-to-use software tool simplifies creation of complex zone combinations
Monitoring Relays

Control reliability is mandated in U.S. standards for safety implemented circuits. These criteria can be met by using redundant safety-rated device outputs in conjunction with a safety relay. Safety relays range in function from stop-motion detection to 2-hand palm button control, to dual channel input units with time-delayed outputs that provide conformity to ANSI B11.19, Section 5.1. All safety relays carry the CE mark and are UL and C-UL listed.

Safety Network Controllers

NE1A Safety Network Controller can be used 3-ways: as a stand-alone controller; as an expandable safety network with remote I/O blocks; or combined with an existing DeviceNet network to form a Safety + Control Network. Eliminate long runs of complicated wiring during installation. This system replaces the wiring with a network between safety components distributed over many different locations. Programmable safety function blocks eliminate rewiring to make modifications. Safety I/O Terminals can be added to increase safety I/O capacity for distributed allocation through the network.

Safety Interlock Switches
Omron STI safety switches are designed to work together with hinged, sliding, or lift-off guards and barriers. When the guard is opened, the power supply to the machine is disconnected.
• Compact sizes.
• Several contact arrangements.
• Heavy-duty housing for demanding industrial applications.
• Optional E-stop provides emergency stopping at the extreme end of the installation.
• Safety lock mechanism prevents operating errors.
A4EG Enabling Grip Switches

Enabling Grip Switch with distinct feel for three easily discernible positions
• The difficult task of configuring safety circuits is now easily achieved by combining the A4EG with the G9SX-GS.
• In addition to the standard models, the lineup also includes models with an emergency stop switch and models with a momentary operation switch.
• An optional Holding Key (sold separately) provides a versatile method for selecting modes.
• Equipped with conduit connector.

Safety Contact Strips and Safety Bumpers
The safety edge or safety bumper are flexible strips which can be fixed to the edge of a moving part such as a machine table or powered door where there is a risk of a crushing or shearing hazard. If the moving part that includes the safety edge or bumper strikes operator (or vice versa) the flexible safety edge is depressed and will send a signal to the power source to stop.
Quick Disconnect Universal Safety Mats
Rugged Omron STI Universal Safety Mats guard machine operators against some of the potential hazards and dangers of the modern manufacturing environment. An Omron STI Universal Safety Mat system (UM series safety mat combined with an MC3, MC4, or MC6) offers a simple method for guarding personnel around hazardous machines. A safety mat system offers freedom, flexibility, and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods. Full visibility of and access to the work area is maintained.
Safety requirements for workers in almost all industries have evolved to ensure that safety in the workplace is no longer an option. Government organizations around the world have made worker safety a priority for companies which has drawn even greater attention to the topic of safety. The latest product developments from the Schmersal Group have focused on advanced safety systems designed to satisfy the most current safety standards and regulations.