Our MPSA Team combines expertise in corporate safety requirements, industry-recognized safety standards, technical problem-solving, mechanical and controls engineering, customer service, project managment and more. Together, we’ve become the dream-team for turnkey machine safeguarding.

John Guckin

MPSA Division Manager

John has over 35 years of experience in the development of turnkey machine safeguarding systems. He has implemented many global machine safety improvement initiatives for applications including (but not limited to) high-speed processes (both new and legacy), packaging, material handling, robotics, bottling lines and injection molding equipment.

“Machine safety requires a holistic view and engagement from many stakeholders, including plant management, procurement, engineering, EHS, quality, machine operators, maintenance, and others. I welcome the opportunity to help everyone arrive at the same goal: To bring machinery to a compliant level so every worker returns home safe and unharmed at the end of each shift.”

Mike Gladd

Machine Safeguarding Specialist, M.E

Mike has over twenty years of experience developing machine safeguarding solutions. He also spent thirteen years designing custom machinery for the pharmaceutical & automotive industry. At MPSA, Mike applies new safety systems & processes for clients including Fortune 500 companies.

David Kerr

EHS Program Specialist

Dave has over 35 years of global EHS experience and retired as Director of Global Safety & Loss Prevention for Merck & Co., Inc. As MPSA’s EHS Program Specialist, Dave assists the MPSA Team and their clients with machine safety programs, compliance, and training needs.

“Helping others to comply with EHS regulations & preventing serious, if not fatal, injuries has been my life’s work”.

Jamie Gaehring

Sr. Controls Engineer

With 44 years of experience, Jamie is the Sr. Machine Safety Controls Engineer for MPSA.  After spending 25 years in production-machine maintenance and machine automation and safety design at 3M Company, Jamie began working as a controls and safety engineer at Airline and MPSA. Jamie has been a member of the Airline team for 19 years.

“Machine safety has become a natural continuation of growth from my time as a machinist, controls technician, automation and safety designer in manufacturing. It presents me with new challenges that keeps my job interesting.”

Bill Starnes

Automation Engineering Manager

Bill has over 20 years’ experience in custom machine design for a wide variety of industries. Bill’s experience in design and managing projects has allowed him to see and implement safe designs across a spectrum of equipment.

“My goal is to help keep people safe so they can go home to their families and loved ones.

Steve Kurian

Project Manager

Steve has ten years of experience managing engineering projects in the food, life science, and chemical industries. As project manager, Steve works closely with all parts of the MPSA team to ensure a successful project outcome for our customers.

“My goal is to work closely in partnership with our customers to deliver high quality safety solutions in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible.”

Thai Tran

Mechanical Design Group Leader

Thai has over 25 years of experience in automation mechanical design. He applies his expertise to machine safety by designing custom machine guarding solutions that restrict access to hazards.

Tom Farmer

Site Supervisor

Tom has four years of experience managing the installation of MPSA’s safety solutions. He also has nineteen years of experience as a site installer/technician and has worked with technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, controls, and framing systems.

“Making it safe today means seeing your family tomorrow.”

Ron Smith

Lead Site Installer

Ron has over ten years of experience installing guards and safety systems for MPSA. He installs the solution when it best meets the customer’s production schedule and gathers feedback to ensure the end results look and function exactly as expected.

“I like that each installation is unique and that I get to solve challenges associated with performing installations out in the field. It’s also rewarding being there at the end of the project when the customer finally gets to see the finished product in place.”

Ingaas Crombez

European Safety Partner

Ignaas is MPSA’s safety partner based in Belgium. He has over 25 years of practical experience in Safety & Industrial Hygeine (IH) management in Europe and worldwide. He specializes in managing the implementation and control of Safety & IH programs. He even received the “Good Practice Award” from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work for his contributions to preventing workplace accidents.

Chuck Watson

Lead Field Electrical Engineer

Chuck has 29 years’ experience in industrial automation and controls. He also performs or oversees all safety validation procedures and oversees the application of safety standards on all upgraded systems.

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