Machine Safeguarding Enclosures

Cartoner Safeguarding Upgrade

  • Replaced AZ15 safety switches with Category 3 rated AZ16-12ZVRK safety switches.
  • Installed coded magnetic Category 3 safety switches on carton feed area hinged door and on lift-up Lexan covers.
  • Added required push button stations.
  • Upgraded safety control circuit to achieve Category 3 or PLd requirements.
  • Installed Lexan extension to flip down door with nut-plate and space to eliminate reach-in hazard area.
  • Reduced crawl-under gap with Lexan door extension panels.
  • Added stainless filler panel under conveyor.

Hydraulic Press Brake Safety Enclosures

  • No Operator Access Guarding.
  • Multiple solenoid safety interlock switches.
  • Category 3 safety controls.
  • Turnkey safety solutions fully integrated at customer’s site.

Perimeter Safety Barrier Guarding

  • Steel guarding for rugged environments.
  • Quick-connect assembly system reduces labor.
  • The uncommon assembly/disassembly tool complies with ISO 12100-2.
  • Integrated safety control is built into the door frame.

This safety enclosure follows the ISO 12100-2 and the new RIA 15.06.2012 regulations.

Sound Abatement Safety Enclosure

  • Modular framing with special T-slots designed for reduction of noise.
  • Implemented the No Operator Access design solution which was developed to reduce noise and maintain safety integrity.
  • Reduced the noise level to 80 dB from 92 dB
  • Category 3 safety controls with safety interlock switches on all doors.

Large Counterbalance Guard

  • User-friendly safety enclosure with counter balance vertical lift door.
  • Utilizes heavy-duty linear runner blocks and ball rails for smooth movement.
  • Integrated special emergency stopping device to ensure complete control of the enclosure and to prevent it from drifting down.
  • Guard is directly mounted to the machine, so there are no guarding obstructions for maintenance access.

Machine Guard with Counterbalance

  • Accumulator station and guard.
  • Linear paper accumulation with lightweight counter balance doors with integrated safety controls.
  • 120” linear pneumatic actuators
    for web control.
  • Counterbalance door design for close access.
  • Removable panels for maintenance access.

Fixed Guard

  • This fixed perimeter guard conforms to ISO 12100-2. Disassembly of the guard requires the use of tools that are not common to an operator.

Customized Black Anodized Laser Enclosure

  • Enclosure ensures that the laser equipment is properly contained.
  • Front door is supported by gas shocks.

Safety interlock switches coupled with Category 4 safety circuit are integrated.

Sancoa Labeler

  • Guarding constructed of Bosch Rexroth aluminum structural framing.
  • Light curtains.
  • Schmersal safety non-contact safety switches.
  • STI G9SP safety controller.