Safety Training

We can train your staff how to use and maintain your safety system. We can even create customized training videos for your continuous use. We also offer online ordering of spare parts and services.

Machine Safety Training

On-Site Sessions & Customized Videos

MPSA’s seminars can help you stay current on changes in industrial safety laws and guidelines. Our seminars focus on current machine guarding and control reliability safety standards, including ANSI, OSHA, NFPA, European norms and CE compliance. Hands-on safety demos are used to reinforce key concepts.

Who should attend our safety trainings?

EH&S personnel, plant maintenance personnel, plant engineering staff, production managers, and all managers concerned with safety of plant personnel.

General Machine Safety Training Topics

General Machine Safety

This class is useful to anyone responsible for the design, operation, or maintenance of machines and needs an understanding of legal requirements, risk assessment, types of hazards, the several levels of circuit design, and available types of safety equipment. Learn how they all come together for a complete safety solution.

The 101 of ISO 13849-1

ISO13849-1 is a globally harmonized standard relating to the risk assessment, design, and performance of safety control systems on machinery. This standard is accepted world-wide as the principle safety control design guideline and it represents a major change in the philosophy of hazard analysis and designing safety-related parts of machine control systems. This class will provide an overview of the standard and tips regarding its use in your machine safety program.

Customized Safety Training Sessions

MPSA can customize a training session to meet your company’s most pressing concerns. Customized classes can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Machine safeguarding devices
    1. Interlocking principles and devices
    2. Emergency stop devices, light curtains, beams and scanners
    3. Mats, edges and bumpers
    4. Two-hand controls
    5. Enabling devices
    6. Monitoring relays and PLCs
  • Arc-flash protection


Machine Safety Training Videos

MPSA can produce customized training videos to standardize employee on-boarding and machine safety procedures. Safety training videos can be added as part of a safety solution provided by MPSA, or provided as a stand-alone service. 

Unlike traditional video production companies, we have the machine safety experts to help ensure the video is comprehensive and includes all the pertinant safety instructions relating to your machinery and processes. 

We can create machine safety training videos from start to finish, including:

  • Consultation(s) to formulate the outline of your training video(s)
  • Content writing for captions and/or script
  • On-site filming 
  • Professional film editing with the capabilities to include:
    1. On-screen captions
    2. Spliced-in footage and photos from other sources
    3. Music and voice-overs
  • Choice of the output file type and delivery method (DVD, private dropbox file, USB drive, etc.)

Provide a compliant and safe working environment.

Take the first step. Ask MPSA to identify your machine safety and compliance issues. We can do the rest. 

Have a safety concern? Tell us about it!

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