Hazard Assessment

The MPSA group has over 20 years of experience helping manufacturers improve the safety of their machinery. Our mission is to reduce our customers’ manufacturing-related accidents by providing assistance with machinery and process hazard identification, classification and reduction.

We provide two options for machine safety assessment. Our Machine Safety Surveys identify the visible and hidden hazards of your machines and processes. If needed, we will recommend full Risk Assessment. After uncovering areas in need of improvement, an implementation plan is put into place.

MPSA further evaluates the action items from the Risk assessment or Machine Safety Survey in light of functional requirements which may impact design considerations. We can then produce a Recommendation Report, complete with itemized costs, which lists recommended solutions and prepares your team for internal budget approval.

MPSA can complete the entire Machine Guarding process by designing, building and installing the required solution, whether it is an integrated safety control or a complete turnkey safeguarding system. Once installed, we will perform a systematic Validation Procedure to verify that the risk is controlled.

Contact MPSA today to develop a machine safety action plan that will minimize risk and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and safety standards.